Sunday, January 4, 2009

Decluttering My House

I'm sitting here telling myself I need to declutter, but that means I need to add something to my list of things I got to do everyday. Oh when will house cleaning ever be done???

I know it will never be done, but decluttering will help me be able to find things easier, enjoy playing with the kids, reading a book, or going to my scrap room to play. I will reward myself with things I enjoy doing.

So get out the garbage bags and start decluttering.

  1. Pick one room a week or maybe for as long as it takes to get it cleaned, don't over whelm yourself it will make you walk away and never get it done.
  2. Look around and find the area that needs your help the most.
  3. If you don't use it pitch it, ask your friends and family if they need it, take it to goodwill.
  4. Separate everything as you go- burn, shredded, friend, etc.
  5. At the end of everyday if there are things you can burn or put in the garbage or find a new home for do it. It will make the biggest difference
  6. Don't forget to look and see what you have done and pat yourself on the back.

These are my goals for decluttering.

Tell me what yours are and maybe it will help me out.

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