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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Have you ever played Evony? Well don't start now. I have been playing the game off and on mostly on for 4 years and 123 days.

Plus side:  I have met allot of really nice people. I am in a great alliance and we all try to be there for each other.  You get to talk to people all over the world, it can be very interesting.

Down side: You need to be there all the time or it cost you money (free game is not true) or how ever they say it. I am not saying I have never did it because I have.

To sum it up I have stopped playing and have come back to it. Its not so much the game its the people playing it that makes it fun. I can't say I don't like seeing my name flash on the screen when I take a city off someone or win something because I do. So if you would ever think to play such a game good luck, have fun and I hope your math skills are better then mine. lol