Monday, April 30, 2012

April Birthdays

This is a busy month 3 birthdays and Easter. Then 2 of the kids come home and say I need money for field trips. The school should know better lol.

Cheese Cake with strawberries and chocalate

Happy Birthday to my 3 beautiful children.

First Bike of her own. Gotta love the boots.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My List:

When you make a list do you follow thru with it?
Do you do things in order?
Are you happy with only getting a couple things done on it?

For me I like to do things in order, but it always dose not happen that way. I made a list back in January about how I was going to make Christmas a little easier this year. 

Oh here is the list for a update:

  • I will clean up all the Christmas decorations and will start a gift closet in Jan.
  • Feb.-make Christmas cards
  • March make Christmas crafts/gifts
  • April- buy forever stamps for your Christmas Cards.
  • May- buy one gift for every child in my house.
  • June- find crafts (Kids) and recipes for Christmas
  • Christmas in July we are going to do crafts with the kids make a Santa list,watch a Christmas movie.
  • August- Stocking Stuffers- school supplies are on sale.
  • September- Make sure you have supplies for your cookies.
  • October- Address Christmas Cards, make sure I have enough crafts made for everyone.
  • November- rearrange furniture and start getting Christmas decorations out.
  • December- Wrap gifts
  •  Now that I see the list I'm not doing to bad. 

    So this means I'm right on target.

    Have a Great Day :)