Friday, January 30, 2009

Cleaning My House

Decluttering my house is not going well. With dh home more, and it seems like the kids are home more to. I'm not looking forward to summer when the kids are home all the time and I won't be getting nothing done except outside things.
I am looking forward to going to camp and on vacation, so I know I need to do something around here now. I have started exercising at 10 am, I'm trying to do it everyday (2 weeks now and my but is hurting lol) and I'm trying to get my house all cleaned before I do it. That way I can get my shower afterwards, relax and spend time on the computer until my family gets home.
So when Monday gets here I'm going to add another thing to my routine and that is clean one hot spot a day or if its a big one it might take more. I will work on it everyday until it is done. Then I can feel good about myself I do feel good about exercising but I no I will even feel better with a cleaner house.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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