Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 5 Cleaning

Here is another bingo card if you would like to see it in bingo format e-mail me at juggaloonfire@zoominternet.net

I hope you get lots done.

spend 15 mins picking up living room floor
run vaccum
Organize all books and movies
clean lampshades
light a candle
load of laundry
if done do something else small
make beds
swish toilets and swipe sinks & mirror
clear dining room/kitchen table
sweep kitchen
spend 10 mins in a childs room picking up before it gets majorly outta hand in there (or your room)
pick up and put away 10 things out of place
find one thing you've been "meaning" to do, like unpack a box, or fix a frame..file papers.,etc
load of laundry if done do something else small
deal with dishes
clear off kitchen counter
see if you can find any clutter to list on freecycle
spend 15mins on cleaning up computer arrea
load of laundry if done do something else small
spend 15 mins in a room that's screaming for attention
(like your bedroom)
spend 15 minutes in YOUR play area picking up and putting away
spend 20 mins working on a craft (we should do this one together)
Go in your bedroom and find 6 things that do not belong in there and put them where they go
spend 15 mins on craft table cleaning not playing
spend 15 minutes clearing something in your room..dresser..nite stand..closet..etc..

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