Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 1 Cleaning

House Cleaning Blues
by Ellen Bailey

I have the house cleaning blues
I look around and see so much to do
I look at the walls, the windows, and the floors
I see heaps of dust layered like boards

What I need is a good house cleaning crew
But where to get one, I haven't a clue
I asked for volunteers, but none would relent
Their community spirit, it seems, had been spent

I could wish for an occasional hurricane
For me, that may not be such a bad thing
I could raise the windows and open the doors
And be done with these house cleaning chores

But hurricanes don't occur where I live
So its left up to me to clean this crib
I have devised a plan to get the job done
Since I can no longer depend on anyone

My plan is as simple as it can be
One that is not very taxing on me
My walking shoes I will lace up tight
And from this nightmare I will take flight

Get dressed.
Turn off TV and turn on the radio.
9:00- 9:30
Do dishes and pick up 10 things that don't belong in there and put them away or throw them away.
Clean out microwave- if clean scrub kitchen sink and counter
10:00 -10:15
Clean out one shelf or cupboard- now we all have to have a untiedied shelf or cupboard.
Put away the mess that you have made. If done sweep floor.
Clean outside of stove- if clean, clean off cupboard doors.
Chat, eat lunch and work on the rest of the list we have for are everyday stuff.

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