Friday, November 21, 2008


I am still cleaning everyday. I don't think I will ever be done. Here is the bingo list for today. don't forget if anyone wants it in bingo form email me. If I don't send a new one grab a old one. Have A Great Day and I hope you get lots done.

spend 15 mins picking up living room
run vaccum
find a hotspot anywhere in your house and clear it
movers-let's unpack 3 boxes. YOU CHOOSE...everyone else..pick a room and spend 15 mins cleaning in there.
light a candle
work on crafts or christmas cards set timer 20 mins
make beds
figure out what's for dinner
clear dining room/kitchen table
sweep kitchen
run any errands you need to do today
pick up and put away 10 things out of place
Laundry or Go find another hot spot and attack it
spend 15 mins in your bedroom doing whatever cleaning or organizing you need to do
deal with dishes
clear off kitchen counter
see if you can find any clutter to list on freecycle
spend 15mins on cleaning up computer arrea or another area if computer is done (mine's not)
pick up stray
etc..and change washer loads
spend 15 mins in a room that's screaming for attention
(like your bedroom)
spend 15 minutes in YOUR play area picking up and putting away
spend 15 mins in dining room
do something you been needing to do..hang a picture..wrap it for christmas..dust it..etc..don't have to be a picture just something you been "meaning to do"
tidy up the bathrooms
find 10 things that need put away..movers you know you got em!!

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