Monday, January 2, 2012

Whats is going to happen in my life in 2012

Well I could do the I'm going to lose weight but we all no that will not happen, at least the amount that i would really like to lose.
I could say I'm going to scrapbook 100 pages, lol we all know I don't have the time, patients, or skill to do this.
So here is my list and before I make the list Shawna is on the phone making one to so make sure you check hers out.
  1. I will clean up all the Christmas decorations and will start a gift closet in Jan.
  2. Feb.-make Christmas cards
  3. March make Christmas crafts/gifts
  4. April- buy forever stamps for your Christmas Cards.
  5. May- buy one gift for every child in my house.
  6. June- find crafts (Kids) and recipes for Christmas
  7. Christmas in July we are going to do crafts with the kids make a Santa list,watch a Christmas movie.
  8. August- Stocking Stuffers- school supplies are on sale.
  9. September- Make sure you have supplies for your cookies.
  10. October- Address Christmas Cards, make sure I have enough crafts made for everyone.
  11. November- rearrange furniture and start getting Christmas decorations out.
  12. December- Wrap gifts

  1. Stick to my Christmas plan
  2. I will lose 10 pounds
  3. Me and Shawna is going to have a contest, we both got to add 12 followers. I have 9 followers and 16 members now.
  4. Go camping and have fun with the kids.
  5. Have a Me Day

Well there you go, if anyone wants to share there list link it here.

Love to all

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