Monday, January 30, 2012


My day started with I need to get the Christmas decorations in the atic ( the atic opening is in my computer/craft room). It never happened tho. So I got out some of the craft goodies I needed to make a heart wreath.

  • double sided scrapbook paper (couldn't find) so I settled with onesided
  • stapler
  • elmers glue 
  • paper cutter
Sounds easy right.
I cut 8 1 inch strips (length 12 inches), folded them in haft, then put the open ends together to form a heart and stapled them (stapler broke). They are so cute (got stapler working so so, but working). I started glueing them together, got them all done and I look at it and thought what is going on. The glue made the paper wet and made it fold were the glue was. I just looked at it like oh my.
  • adhesive tabs
So NOW I have to start over with a broken stapler. I cut all the strips, got the stapler to work and thought ok now get the adhesive. Wrong again the adhisive wasn't strong enough to with stand being held up 5 secs.
  • raffia
  • hole puncher
So I punched holes and tied them together.

for something I thought would be a fast project ened up taking a little longer. 


  1. I think for all the trouble it gave you it turned out great!!! maybe next time get some of those glue dots they hold anything!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to my Valentine Link Party! I appreciate you taking the time to do that! I like the raffia look with the hole punches.

  3. I love the look of raffia :) Thank you for sharing with us at my Handmade Valentine party on! :)

  4. That pretty cool and at first I thought those were cookie cutters. Thanks for linking your project to Cowgirl Up.


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