Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree

Today is the day we get ready to get the big Christmas tree.

Three years ago today we adopted 3 wonderful children. On that same day we try are hardest to get are tree and have pizza while we decorate it. It is always a fun day and its a day we all don't want to forget.

Young Children always bring so much joy to Christmas. All the other children are grow so what a joy to have the chance to start over again.

I Love You Guys

The Day We Adopted You
Submitted by:
Author: Unknown

If we had it to do over again
Adoption is what we'd choose
We got more than we had hoped for
The day we adopted you
For you have given us more in life
Than we could ever want or need
You made our house into a home
And made our family complete
We love you more than life itself for all the things you say and do
And if we had it to do over again
You'd be the only one we'd choose.

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