Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July Week

Fourth of July week me, the 4 kids, mom and dad went to camp (the yellow house camp is what the kids call it). We got some work done and enjoyed are time there. The weather wasn't to bad, we had a couple days of rain in the evening, but after it we still got to sit out around the fire and we only had one day that it rained all day. Out of 8 days I don't think that was bad at all.

I got to read 2 books and started on another one, the kids got to go to the park, and we all got to watch the fireworks. We sat around the fire everyday, got a ditch dug to put the electic lines underground, wood cut and split for the rest of the summer and the shower rebuilt. I am so glad the temps were in the 70's not in the 80's and 90's like this week.

None of us wanted to come home but it was time to. We all had to get back to work and Shema is going to summer camp 2 days a week. We will be going back soon to enjoy just a weekend.

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