Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All You Need

My eyes are here to see you
through times of doubt or strife
My legs are here to leap you
over obstacles in life
My hands are here to push you
a little further toward your dreams
My voice is here to teach you
life's not always what it seems
My arms are here to hold you
when you feel you're going to fall
My finger's here to point you up
when your confidence grows small
My heels are here to stomp you down
when you fail to hide your pride
My elbow's here to shove you
toward the truth when you have lied.
My tongue is here to talk you through
solutions you may seek
My fists are here to fight for you
whenever you're too weak
My shoulder's here to lean on
when your innocence is at stake
My lips are here to kiss you
down those paths you'd never take
My tears are here to flood you
with more grace than you can bear
My feet are here to walk you past
the times when life's not fair
My mouth is here to answer
to your every desperate plea
And my heart is here to love you
if my love is all you need.

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