Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas

Did you ever think you have to many kids, family member, or friends to buy for?

Well I have, but I enjoy giving to all of them. I like sitting back and watching them, sometimes listening to them over the phone, or getting a letter or mail saying ty.

Last year we (a friend) made a list of things we are to do every month to make things a little easier on us. We found out some worked and some didn't. Getting ready for Christmas 2012. I do have to say alot of things happened last year to change some of the out comes to this but we made the best of it.

One thing that I will change on this years list is buy a gift for someone every month. It don't have to be a big gift, but something is better then nothing. The rest of the changes will fit better with me and my family.
  1. Jan.- Clean up all the Christmas decorations and buy a gift.
  2. Feb.-make Christmas cards and buy a gift.
  3. March make Christmas crafts/gifts and buy a gift.
  4. April- buy forever stamps for your Christmas Cards and buy a gift.
  5. May- buy one gift for every child in my house and buy a gift.
  6. June- find crafts (Kids) and recipes for Christmas ( find a lot on pinterest) and buy a gift.
  7. July-Spend as much time with my family outside (most years this is are camp month), I would like to have some pressed flowers, and buy a gift.
  8. August- Stocking Stuffers- school supplies are on sale and buy a gift.
  9. September- Make sure I have supplies for baking cookies, recipes etc... and buy a gift.
  10. October- Address Christmas Cards, go thru gits that have been bought and buy a gift.
  11. November- rearrange furniture and start getting Christmas decorations out, figure out what to tell Santa to bring, cyber Monday shop shop shop.
  12. December- Wrap gifts, put up tree and try to find me time.

Have a Great Day :)

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