Monday, October 24, 2011


   Christmas use to be my favorite holiday. I loved decorating the house, wrapping the gifts, making homemade bows, I even made curtains. LOL I know I'm funny, but as I have gotten older and the kids are growing I just didn't have the time or the care to decorate any more.    
   Well this year I'm home and not working and I'm going to try to bring things back out that I haven't seen in years.
   I started with making a gift, not sure who its going to but I'm doing it. I will try to remember to share it when I'm done making it.
   I'm going to get out the Christmas cards that I started to make a couple years ago. So there will be a couple lucky people to get them.
   I even started a list of the gifts I'm getting. So I think I'm doing pretty good. 
   If anyone has any fun projects for the kids let me know.
   Whats your thoughts on Christmas this year? 


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  1. Christmas is a lot of things to many people. But one thing to be sure of about it is that it is a day for the sharing of love, renewing of friendships, healing of wounds that have festered and, most importantly, a prayerful thanksgiving for the bounties of heaven.

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