Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Make Over

Here I am and again I need to make some changes and I am starting with a new blog look. Do you ever think that really makes people come to your blog? I don't but it makes me feel good inside when I think of what we are given to look at around us everyday.

Second things is I was told I am type 2 diabetic. So this means I need to eat better, exercise and be healthier then I have ever been so I don't have to give myself any injections.  I did find a online friend and with support from other family and friends to help me start moving again. With it being winter and not working I need the push even more.

The third thing I really need to get things put together around my house. With 3 kids you would think I would have control but I am finding it is getting harder and harder to get them moving. Help me someone please ( take me away). The teen age years have hit and we all know what that can be like.

And now the last thing is I would like to get creative again. Maybe even get back to making homemade gifts. We will see what happens won't we. Oh and I want to keep reading  I love a good book.

So I am ready to start tomorrow is a new day and it will be day one.

Have a Great Day/Night and smile at someone today/ tomorrow. 


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