Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Graduation is over. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I never thought I would get thru the day. It started off good then I decided before I started getting everyone into the shower, I would iron Chris's robe. Big mistake, I have ironed 3 other robes with this iron and everything was fine. Not this time. it burned a hole right thru it. I am so glad I started to iron in the back on the bottom. I was panicing, thankfuly I was talking to my mom, she said I will be right over. We got it hemmed and I thought ok were back on track. The iron is in the garbage were it should be, I hope know one fines it and tries to use it. Then I couldn't get ahold of Alan he was suppose to leave work early and his cell wasn't. Here he did leave work ontime he just never turned it on. Everything went fine. Dad, Layne, Raymond, Jess, Alan, Me, Tashema, Tayinna, and Miya were there to watch Chris get his deploma. Now you can see him get it to. I didn't get them calling his name but I did get him walking across the stage.
Here are some other pictures of my little boy.


  1. Whoo hoo, Chris. I am glad you got to the graduation. Love ALL the photos!

  2. Teresa I would have been freaking out as well over the robe!
    But it sounds like all in all everything went pretty smoothly!!
    Congrats to Chris!
    Great photos too of his special day!!



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